A Review from the student of University of Central Missouri

Interest towards Study.
To earn money.
To get to know more about myself.


Marist College, Poughkeepsie New York
University of Central Missouri
University of Houston–Clear Lake
The University of Texas at Arlington - UT Arlington – UTA
Texas A&M University
                                                Texas A&M University–Kingsville

    Marist College, Poughkeepsie New York
    University of Central Missouri

    University of Central Missouri. Initially I went to marist college and I did my first semester in Marist college, Newyork. Due to more cost of living in New York I shifted to UCM.  

       Also MIS(Management of Information Systems) course in Marist is more towards management. I researched on my own and get on these colleges. Consultancy people suggested me Marist college

    Yes, I got fee waiver of 900 USD in Marist College.  

                            No, it was my own decision. 

    Computer science in UCM because of my interest.
    2 days a week.
    On Campus part time jobs like Graduate assistant and in Sodexo. On an average it takes 500 USD to live in Missouri

    No. After my post graduation it took four months to get the job

    Yes, I would recommend. You can complete your masters in one and half year with less fees when compared to other colleges. Job opportunities depend on you and your knowledge. I feel college doesn’t matter in getting jobs. Employers look at your GPA and test your knowledge while taking the interview
    Most of them. Some people are still looking for job.
    Yes. It’s good. I saw a lot of difference in teaching when compared to India. Course work is bit tough.

    College doesn’t provide any interships. You need to apply on your own.

    70% in Masters.
    Yes, am satisfied. Satisfaction rate: 7/10.
    Cannot answer now.

    Depends on Luck and company. 
    Absolutely not.
                             Good. Indian food is not available on campus.
    Yes, they do. I used to play Badminton and tennis. I am not completely aware if the university participates in National level tournaments.

    Yes, they will provide but you need to apply while dropping an application to the college. I used to stay near to campus which is 5 min walk.

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    A Spectacular review from Student of University of Maryland College Park

    • Life is all about dreaming and taking risks to chase them.I love engineering as a discipline and Master's in Highly sophisticated country as United States of America is a platform to prove myself, that I dont want to miss.Yes, I know the implications of being a fresher in an alien land, but its worth a shot and I am glad everything worked out well.

    My profile entails a GRE Score of 311(Verbal-150,Quant-161) and TOEFL Score of 101.

    • -Masters in Telecommunications at University of Maryland College Park(UCMP)
    • -Masters in Telecommunications at University of Texas at Dallas(UTD)
    • -Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cincinnati University(UCinn)
    • -Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at SUNY Stonybrook(SUNY-SB)
    • Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Colorado State University-              Fort Collins(CSU)
    • Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Missuori University of Science             and Techology-Rolla(MST-Rolla)

      I got admits from UMCP,UTD,CSU,MST-Rolla

        Well, there was a clear winner in getting admit from a university in top 50 listings of USA and I did not have a second thought in going for "University of Maryland College Park".Apart from that, the program I opted in University of Maryland is an Interdisciplinary program which includes completion of 4 courses from well renowned Robert.H.Smith school of Business apart from regular Engineering courses and hence the university is akin to my interests.

        University of Maryland does offer scholarship for many programs,but my program being an interdisciplinary does not explicitly offer any as such.

                              No, its a personal choice.

      As I was discussing above,program I opted for is called "ENTS" that comprises 4 courses from Business school and 6 courses from Engineering school, summing upto 30 credits as a whole for degree requirements.Considering my short term goals and weighing out options for my long term goals,the curriculum was apt for my career choice.
      Let me put it this way, 4 semesters, maximum of 3 courses per semester,which turns out to be 3 classes per week in each semester and final semester with only 1 course, would comprise just an hour per week.
      Its a place where you can sense dignity of labour in whatever you do, say a part-time or a full-time.Being a tennis player,I got an opportunity to catch up with a lot of people at recreational services providing me my first on-campus employment as an Intramural Offical for Flag Football(American game) for a semester,there after I worked at Barnes&Nobles Book center for a semester followed by work as an office assistant under Dean of Mechanical department.Other than that, I happened to get a summer Internship which I converted to a Co-Op employment(20 hours per week during regular semester) and gained exposure to American work culture and business etiquette.

      As I said above, due to concept of dignity of labour, we as an individuals get a chance to market ourselves and groom our profile accordingly. As a result,there is actually no concept of companies coming to universities for hiring in USA.Having said, there are opportunities such as Career Fairs that happen twice an year, where you get to meet hiring team of various companies and extend your professional network which will turn helpful during the time when we need to market our profile after graduation.

      Indeed I will. Best in class infrastructure and World Class technical expertise sums up University of Maryland at College Park. It is certain that the brand of Maryland carries weight on your profile when you graduate, however, I would say the most important point is individual professional growth that you can experience while your stay at University of Maryland College Park. If you grow professionally and adopt yourself to suit market needs while balancing your career aspirations,you will be no less than anyone.
      Yes they did.
      As I mentioned above, University of Maryland College Park, being one amongst top 50 universities of the nation is known for world class technical expertise that produced highly successful personalities like Brendan Iribe of Oculus VR,Kevin Plank of Under Armor etc.,You can have no doubts about teaching staff.

      I got an summer internship at a small-medium sized company,called GetWellNetwork as an IT Network Engineer Intern.I must say it is what that has made me who I am today professionally. I worked there for an year(Summer and during the semesters) which helped me adopt to American Business Culture, while moving into my current role at Amazon Web Services after my graduation.

      There is a good share of 20-30% Indian Community within the university spread across various profiles.

      Without a regret.
      It is definitely not a plan in my short term career goals. But I can say, place is something that is always dependent on your career goals and it can change anytime to anywhere with priorities aligned properly.

      This has nothing to do with where you studied.It follows standard lottery system to pick 85000 applicants per business year.Masters students do get a priority of being priviliged ones within first 20000 lottery picks.Provided,your petition is not picked in capped 20000 visas,your application will be considered in a common pool of remaining 65000 visas.
      Absolutely not.
      Just as I was describing my career start as Intramural official above, recreational facilities are breath-taking. Especially, me being a tennis player, associated with a club and 14 courts to practise on.Other than that,Intramural tournaments happen year long and anyone is encouraged to participate regardless of your level.

      University does have top-notch on-campus dormitories with exclusive Diners.However,considering short stint of 2 years as a Master's student,it is quite certain that most of us opt for an off-campus living options to cut the costs and work our way around. 

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